Attitude of Gratitude
Joanna Falisi + Flory Hiatrides

Gratitude is so important to happiness that it has its own holiday. Thanksgiving. Giving thanks, consistently and authentically, is one way to ensure you will stay aligned and in a manifesting mindset.

According to the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance System, gratitude, joy and love are high on the emotional scale. When our feelings reside on the upper end of this scale, we reach a state of vibrational alignment known as the “Vortex”. The higher up on the emotional scale you are, the closer you are to the proximity of your vortex and manifesting all that you desire.

Esther Hicks, a proponent for being in the Vortex, is an inspirational speaker and author, known for her seminal work, “Ask and It Is Given,” and has presented at several Law of Attraction workshops along with her late husband, Jerry Hicks. Her work is paramount to understanding the key tools in the “Ethereal” PEACE, including how to maintain your vortex, manifest your desires and rampage appreciation to achieve higher vibrational energy and become the best version of yourself.

1-Maintain Your Vortex

The Vortex is a vibrational state of being full of positive emotion and feelings. It is a present-tense, personal reality that you can feel, but can’t see. It can be defined as your “happy place” where you feel aligned with all that you are and you truly know what “self” means.

All that you feel throughout the day is simply feedback on your proximity to your vortex. Negative reactions are indicative of being far from your “center.” Do, think and act in ways that center you, so no matter what happens, you respond from a place within your vortex. Being consistently and authentically grateful is one way to ensure you will stay in your vortex, a space where you recognize yourself as eager, full of vitality, healthy, clear-minded and positive.

2-Manifest Your Desires

The Law of Attraction is essentially a response to vibrations we put into the universe. Bringing yourself into vibrational alignment with all that you want is the key to attracting what you want.

If you want to create, accomplish and manifest quickly and easily, you must first ASK.

You must be in alignment with the source in order to receive.

When you are feeling hopeful, optimistic and grateful, then the vibrational relativity between where you are and what you want is much more aligned. When you are feeling pessimistic, worried or ungrateful, it is harder to become aligned with the dreams you desire.

The universe responds not to your reality, but your perception of reality. You have the ability to achieve what you want in life. The key is to change your perception in order to better align your thoughts and beliefs - gratitude is a tool for this change.

3-Rampage Appreciation

If gratitude is an emotion that keeps us aligned, then the more specific we can be, the better. A rampage of appreciation is a tool to ensure that you create a grateful mindset. You do that by recalling very specific details of a person, place, situation, event, or thing. If you are grateful for your child, think about all their characteristics that bring you joy. Or an experience you shared, recalling every moment in great detail. The details, the rampage, will elicit emotions of gratitude which will elevate your vibration.

Celebrate “Thanks Giving” all year by maintaining your vortex, manifesting your desires and rampaging appreciation and you will achieve higher vibrational energy and become the best version of yourself.

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