Your Vortex Life
Flory Hiatrides

I am in AWE when experts redefine ordinary words to have extraordinary meaning.

The VORTEX, an ordinary word, which can mean a whirling mass of water, a whirlpool, a force of suction, or a rapid rotatory movement of cosmic matter is now being redefined to have significant impact in the manifestation world. Esther Hicks, with Abraham’s inspiration and guidance, has transmuted this assemblage of letters into a powerful term for alignment to Source Energy.

VIBE, as explained in the dictionary, is a distinct but unquantifiable emotional feeling, quality, or atmosphere that can exist within some place or be exuded by someone. Taking it one step further, we define your VIBE as a deliberate emotion that indicates your proximity to your vortex.

When you are constantly and continually aware of your VIBE, you will be able to manage your VORTEX LIFE, when you are in, when you are out, why you got out, how you get back in, and how you can stay in.

What is the Vortex + Vibe?

We will now refer to the Vortex as a vibrational state (Vibe) of being that is pure positive energy. It is joy. It’s where things come together beautifully.  It’s the holding tank. It’s the anchor. It’s the touchstone. It’s when you’re “in the zone.” It’s the place where all dreams and wishes and hopes are held until we find vibrational alignment with them.

How do you know if you are in your Vortex?

Your Vibe will tell you! It’s where you feel on top of the world. You feel enthusiasm, inspiration, passion, joy, and appreciation. You’re at one with who you really are; you’re feeling fab; and in vibrational alignment to your desires.

What can take you out of your Vortex?

Whatever you do that takes you out of alignment - worrying, fretting, resenting, doubting, fearing, blaming, judging, discouraging, hating, or disappointing. In other words, a negative VIBE.

Why should I strive to stay in the Vortex?

IT IS JOY. That’s reason enough, since it’s the basis of all desires; the only reason we ever want anything is because we think having, being or doing it, will make us feel good/better. The vortex is also where you want to take action from.  That “aligned” state is a great time to make the phone calls, place the orders, create the business plan, sign the agreements, say “I do.”  If you do anything outside your Vortex, it’s not likely to pay off in ways you’d prefer.

Stay in your VORTEX to have a life of ease and flow + pay attention to your VIBE to monitor your journey.