Meet the Team

The AWE Purpose Partners are happy, well-respected professionals who are devoted to provide inspiration, motivation, and powerful people development information to help you create a life that’s a beautiful MasterPEACE.

Flory Netsch Hiatrides
Mentor - Manifester - Mathematician - Mom - Entrepreneur - Health Coach- Educator - ENFJ

After founding and leading a strategic consulting firm, raising three children, and doing the work to overcome her own life’s challenges, Flory has learned the necessary practices to show up fully in every facet of her life. She believes everyone can be successful while living in joy, alignment and magic.

Flory brings 40 years of experience in professional facilitation and curriculum development as well as 20 years of manifestation work and mentoring, as a foundation for creating AWE. This multidisciplinary approach to maximize success and happiness combines ancient wisdom, modern science and proven business, to change lives.

Flory is a Bronx, New York native and an Iona College alum who continues to give back to the college by serving as a Mentor and awarding a scholarship to students in need in her late father’s name. Committed to helping people realize their potential, Flory is an MBTI Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Certified Practitioner for 35+ years. She is currently creating a vortex vocabulary to bridge the gap between management and manifestation, goal setting and granting, algorithm and alchemy. When she’s not creating curriculum to change the world, you can find her waterskiing or boating on the lake.  

Director, Event Planning
Colleen Slattery
Relationship Cultivator - Mom - Motivator - Event Organizer -Traveler - Beachgoer - ESFJ

Colleen derives pleasure from making other people feel good about themselves. She harnesses her natural talents in hospitality and connecting people to live out her purpose of making a positive difference in other people’s lives.  As the former Director of the Iona College Mentoring Program, she provided alumni and students with practical advice, encouragement and support for a successful professional and personal life. Her diverse experience in leadership, program development, training, event management paired with her strong caring work ethic are assets in her latest involvement in AWE.

She believes that life is about being with the ones you love and creating memories together. When she's not cultivating professional relationships or planning awesome events, you can find her traveling, enjoying the beach with her two daughters or vineyard hopping in beautiful destinations. She wants to be remembered as a kind, generous, and loyal person.

Director, Content Innovation
Ashley Napoli
Teacher - Writer - Yogi - Mama - Globetrotter - Innovator- Feminist - Francophile - ENFJ

As a yoga instructor and creative writing teacher, Ashley enriches the lives of others through writing and movement. She is constantly seeking inspiration to enhance her teaching, especially in her travels around the globe. As a creative, she is excited to share her gifts in her most recent involvement with AWE. Ashley specializes in implementing research-based practices to design and facilitate professional learning opportunities for educators and leads with an asset-based mindset to optimize teacher strengths and student learning outcomes.

She finds absolute joy in raising her two-year-old daughter. When she is not teaching and learning, Ashley loves traveling with her family, trying new restaurants and experimenting with photography. She hopes to be remembered as someone who inspired others to live life to the fullest!


With diverse experiences in Neuroscience, Finance, and Entrepreneurship, AWE ambassadors have implemented the skills and strategies learned in the P E A C E Trilogy curriculum to navigate life’s challenges as they transition from backpack to briefcase. These ambassadors can attest to the expansion they experienced professionally, spiritually and interpersonally, demonstrating how instrumental this program can be at any stage of life.
Top to bottom: Jamie, Nick, Joanna, Dani, and Peter.