A Wakened Events Is The Life Changing Experience You've Been Searching For!

Your life will become a masterpiece when you learn to master P E A C E.
A Wakened Events (AWE) combines ancient wisdom, modern science,
and proven business to maximize your success and happiness.

Change Your THOUGHTS. Change Your DESTINY.
Make A Decision…To Be Better. To Think Better. To Think Better Thoughts.
Positive thinking is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.
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Discover AWE

It's time to wake up to happiness! AWE is a place of joy, enlightenment, and magic. It’s where dreams come true and you can manifest anything and everything you desire to live a fulfilled life. When you’re part of AWE, you come into greater appreciation of yourself and connect with like-minded seekers who desire radical amazement and relentless creation. Together we will gather, grant, and grow to get to where you want to be.

The Company

A Wakened Events (AWE) delivers an immersive, interactive personal enrichment experience in a beautiful private setting. This unique event combines wellness, communication, authenticity, business, spirituality, metaphysics, and manifestation with AWEsome people, food, activities, live music, entertainment, and lake life. You will achieve greater self-awareness to improve relationships and personal well-being. We guarantee that you will leave changed for the better!

The P E A C E Trilogy

Are You Ready...to become the master of your P E A C E? To grow and learn new patterns of thought and behavior? To strengthen your interpersonal relationships? To be happier at work? To become the superhero of the life you wish to have? The time is now to learn the A R T (Assessment, Research, Tools) of Happiness to fine-tune your mind, body, spirit and stay-tuned by applying techniques to think differently, dream big, and best of all...create a MasterPEACE life.

The Purpose Partners

Meet the dream team, a dedicated group of caring, positive, trusted professionals who educate, motivate, inspire, and heal. They will help you reach your highest potential and live an A Wakened life.

Meet Flory, Founder AWE
Mentor - Manifester - Mathematician - Mom - Entrepreneur

"I lived a see it and then believe it algorithmic kind of life. Until my early 40s I was building a business and raising three children. Then I experienced death, trauma, and turmoil and like most of us, every day challenges. It was at that moment that I realized there was more. There was a missing PEACE."

Master your

IT'S TIME to give yourself permission to live better and become the happiest version of yourself... to want more, to do more, to have more, to love more, and to feel more personally and professionally. You will directly impact your life across key areas when you invest in the most comprehensive personal enrichment curriculum on the planet, The P E A C E Trilogy, offered in one-day seminars.
I-The Missing PEACE
II-The Center PEACE
III-The Master PEACE


After assessing your satisfaction with your physical health including Rest, Exercise, Weight, Appearance, Resilience, and Diet, you will learn a holistic approach for each component and discover tools to maintain your desired wellness level.

Movement & Motion
Nutritional Choices
Holistic Considerations


After assessing your emotional relationships, you will learn the five love languages including words of affirmation (tone), physical touch (touch), quality time (time), gifts of appreciation (token), and acts of service (thoughtfulness). You will discover tools to more effectively communicate with your partner and others whether you share the same language or have differences.

Relationship Languages
Communication Selection
Communication Implementation


After assessing your aspirations through the SMART goal-setting model, you will learn the process for setting and achieving your personal P E A C E goals with short-term and long-term considerations. You will discover tools to monitor your progress to ensure continued accomplishment.  

Goal Setting Process
Goal Achieving Process


After assessing your emotional intelligence (EQ), you will learn the foundation of awareness, regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills and discover tools to understand your preferences and personality in order to develop a high level of EQ which correlates to personal and professional success.

Emotional Intelligence
Personality & Preferences
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)


After assessing your ethereal connection, you will learn cutting edge research in metaphysics and discover everyday implementable tools to manifest your desires by focusing your thoughts, integrating new daily activities, and developing mindfulness practices.

Law of Attraction

Learn. Apply. Become.

Our AWE-infused company integrates ancient wisdom, modern science, and proven business. This is a powerful combination resulting in applicable theory and tools to help you change your life. It is not enough to know; you need to know HOW.  

Ancient Wisdom
Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction is thousands of years old. Shakespeare wrote, “Nothing is, unless our thinking makes it so.” Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” The Law of Attraction is the power to manifest into our lives whatever we focus on. If you learn the techniques, you are guaranteed the power to have what you desire.

Modern Science

Metaphysics, the connection between mind and body, involves the scientific correlation between our cellular health and our thought patterns. There have been new discoveries within the past decade that prove there is a distinct relationship between mindfulness practices and the ease or disease in our bodies.

Proven Business
Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is directly correlated to leadership and professional success. The first and most important element of being an emotionally intelligent individual is awareness.  Awareness of … who we are, how we should act, when we should adjust, how to communicate, how to motivate, and how to thrive in relationships.

Meet The
Purpose Partners

Our people are the secret sauce to AWEsomeness…come meet them.

We want to change the world and bring you joy while doing it! 

Learn More About The Team

Flory Netsch Hiatrides

Founder, A Wakened Events

Colleen Slattery

Director, Event Planning

Ashley Napoli

Director, Content Innovation
P E A C E = The key to EVERYthing  + ANYthing that You desire.

Make a choice. Take a chance. See a change.
You deserve to understand the brilliance that is you!

Real People...
Real Praise

A Wakened Events is fueled by Flory’s indomitable spirit.  

Flory is a force of nature. She fills a room with her personality and talent and appears to live life with a vision for the present and future whether for herself, her family, her friends or clients as she manifests and executes her life goals and entrepreneurial spirit. Flory is abundant but not defined by it. Flory is loyal. Flory is the ultimate extended family member and parent who nurtures, loves, and shows by example what leadership looks like.

Denise R.
Former Good Morning America Correspondent

Flory is a gem professionally and personally.  

My group hired Flory to provide training for a large regulatory department – very diverse and often difficult to please. She is a dynamo with a go-getter style, ingenuity, attention to detail, and positivity. She can easily traverse multiple disciplines and put her heart and soul into any new venture. I am so fortunate to have crossed paths with Flory – she certainly helped me achieve success. But I am even more fortunate to now call her a friend.

Angela P.
Former Senior Vice President Technology - NYSE

Flory gives everyone the space to be the best version of themselves.

Flory is a strong, charismatic, committed professional with extraordinary presentation and leadership skills. I was able to see in myself things that I had never seen before, both on a personal and professional level. What was very impactful for me, was Flory’s seamless approach to connecting with EVERYONE in the room! I’m looking forward to taking more seminars and working with Flory in the future.

Miguel T.
Community Mainstreaming Associates

The most informative seminar that I have ever attended.

Flory is an energetic and dynamic facilitator. The time flew by and you wanted her to keep going! She prompted many questions on self-reflection as well as being mindful of our daily interactions with colleagues, friends, family, and community members. What enlightening information to have and to implement. Her message is universal and will change the way you look and act with yourself and others for the betterment of all! 

Denise W.
Community Mainstreaming Associates

Engaging, fun, relevant, and applicable to all aspects of life.

Thank you so much, Flory, for the interesting materials and wealth of knowledge you shared with us. She expanded my awareness to different personality types and behaviors. It was beneficial to learn more about myself so that I can understand how I can better interact with students, colleagues, and the people in my personal life. Flory's high energy, insights, and command of language will leave a profound impact upon everyone she encounters.

Sarah P.
Educational Edge; Professional Development

Flory created a program that prepares us for our future.

By sharing her experiences from Corporate America, Flory teaches the importance of personality, originality, entrepreneurship, and impressions. She teaches that in order to succeed in life, it is vital to approach your goals with enthusiasm and engagement. This program should be at all schools and universities. It would even be valuable to use with members of Congress! Flory has prepared us for obstacles that would normally be difficult to overcome.

Mark S.
Iona College Alum

Educational, exciting, intriguing and motivating.

Flory has the amazing ability to make everyone around her feel important. Her enthusiasm is contagious and the content is extremely enlightening. Having the time and space to learn more about myself through the lens of PEACE was worthwhile. I have a renewed sense of energy and a huge appreciation for the knowledge I gained, as well as the connections I made with the wonderful people who attended. The experience left me wanting more!

Joanna F.
Iona College Gaels Mentee

One of the best decisions of my life. A truly awakening experience!

Flory provided the group with insightful and meaningful ways on how to reframe your way of thinking and be an all-around healthy person. It is easy to become skeptical about something we may not be sure about or what may seem like something that "is not for me" but I promise you this will be one of the best decisions of your life. It was an inviting space where you automatically feel safe and secure which gives you the ability to learn and grow.

Nick L.
Iona College Alum

Illuminating to see the world and other people in a different way.

You don't have to be struggling, or going through a rough patch to be a part of AWE. This program helps us center, balance, and reflect so that we may lead happier, more peaceful, productive, and better lives wherever we may be on our life's journey. It also provides a way to understand others to help us strengthen our relationships and build more thoughtful and aligned connections. You will discover what truly matters and what will bring PEACE to our lives.

Peter K.
Iona College Student
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