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One-Day Experiences

Be empowered to learn how to reach your highest potential, personally and professionally.
Each PEACE is a full day experience at FLORY's beautiful home set on Lake Lillinonah in Brookfield, Connecticut. With every level, we dive deeper into the topics while building on the previous knowledge.  Start with the Missing PEACE, progress to the Center PEACE and conclude with the Master PEACE. Ultimately, you will have a major shift in thinking and understanding of yourself as well as business tools that can be readily applied for increased productivity. Get ready for an AWEsome life-changing experience.

Level I:
The Missing P E A C E

Through the A R T (assessment, research, tools) of teaching, you will be introduced to tools in each of the pieces of your life including picture perfect health, love languages, SMART goals, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and the Vortex. Through interactive activities, you will learn and apply these tools so you are ready to integrate them into your daily life.

Level II:
The Center P E A C E

Continuing with the ART of teaching, we will reflect on how participants are applying these tools and then synthesize best practices to create a Success Database. New tools in each of the pieces will be introduced such as yoga + healing modalities, the feedback loop and vibrational techiques for alignment.  We will continue to perfect SMART goals and apply MBTI to the workplace and relationships to gain a deeper understanding.

Level III:
The Master P E A C E

Get ready to Master PEACE. As we build our success database and like-minded community, we immerse ourselves in our techniques.  New tools in each of the pieces will be introduced such as sound bowl therapy, advanced communication methods and metaphysics. We will continue to set SMART goals and apply MBTI to leadership, stress, relationships, time management, and team building.

Experience A Wakened Events

AWE = Educational + Insightful + Impactful + Motivational + Purposeful + Mindful!

AWE Event Dates 2023
Level I
The Missing P E A C E
Level II
The Center P E A C E
Level III
The Master P E A C E
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Invest in an AWEsome, supportive community that invests in YOU. There are events and then there are A Wakened Events! The introductory pricing to attend an AWE one-day enrichment experience is $750.00 per person. Bring a friend and receive a discount. We encourage you to reserve early so you do not miss out! We are happy to answer your questions by email or phone.


The A Wakened Event experience is for anyone at any life journey stage who is ready to remove resistance and have a more joyous, happier, fulfilled present and future. The best gift you can give to yourself is investing in your life’s greatness and purpose to reach your highest potential.


Now is the time to develop skills and new ways of thinking that will bring about transformation in your everyday life. You will be given the tools + techniques to have a better understanding of yourself and others. You will leave AWE happier! This is just the beginning of your beautiful new journey.


The AWE Tool Bag with interactive workbook to implement AWEsome techniques. All food + beverage: breakfast, lunch, refreshments, dinner, dessert + wine. Grateful Gifts will remind you of your AWEsome event experience. Free time to enjoy the property's pool and lake, socialize and network.

Special Events

The Art of Collaboration

Know Your Self
Further understand your preferences, and how to regulate behavior
for maximum success.

Know Your Approach
Learn how to assess others motivational patterns to build
meaningful collaboration.

Know Your Tools
Discover enhanced techniques to manage, manipulate, and multiply
your contacts.

She Who Wins

Conversations & Stories
Visionary leaders will take the stage for powerful conversations to
make you challenge yourself to think even bigger.

Live Performances
What is an event without an opportunity to get on your feet and
shake it out? Our event brings entertainment into the day to help
energize you.

Networking & Community
Connect with other like-minded women and form your tribe so you
can go further, faster.

Shop Women-Owned Brands
Our vendor market celebrates female-owned businesses showcasing
their products and services.