Manifesting 3.8
Flory Hiatrides

For those of you who haven’t heard this analogy in my seminar, the levels of manifesting are as follows.

1-You think about something you want like a sandwich and you get up and go to the deli and buy it and eat it and realize that was a manifestation.

You think. You do.

Level 1.0

2-You think you want a sandwich and you call your son or daughter and ask them to get it for you. Better manifestation. Less effort.

You think. Another does.

Level 2.0

3-You think you want a sandwich and all of a sudden the doorbell rings and the neighbor says, we just had a party and had some extra sandwiches - here you go. Much better manifestation. Almost no effort.

You think. The universe + another does.

Level 3.0.

4-You think you want a sandwich and you go into the kitchen and there it is.

Best manifestation. No effort.

You think. The universe does.

A miracle. 

Level 4.0. 



Here’s my manifestation 3.8 story. 

I was walking with my sister from Connecticut to Rhode Island in extreme heat.

We were going to turn back, but for some reason I said, “let’s go a little further.”

All I could think about was “I wish I had water.” My sister had water but she let the dog drink it. And out of the blue pulled up a postal truck.

As the postal worker, Carrie, approached the side of the road, she asked if we were okay because we had stopped to give the dog water.

She looked at me and said, “would you like a bottle of water? I never have bottles of water, but for some reason today I took a frozen bottle of water with me.”

I looked at my sister who had recently learned about manifestation at a seminar and said, “well on the manifestation scale that’s like a 3.8.”

Carrie, the good Samaritan, who was driving away asked, “manifestation?”

Well we got to talking and she was very interested. 


Fast forward 3 weeks…


Carrie and her daughter Ashlyn just attended The Missing PEACE program over the weekend. 


According to Carrie, “Yesterday was life-changing. I just want to run up to every single person I see today and tell them about it.”