Frequently asked questions

What is unique about AWE?
What is the mission of the company?
Who is this event for?
What is the knowledge and experience level
of the AWE facilitators?
What does “WAKEN” mean?
You will leave AWE happier. Why?
Why should I invest in this program?
What is the main goal of The Missing PEACE program?
Why is The Missing PEACE unlike any other self-help course of this type?
Can everyone learn how to manifest?
Can you really reprogram your thoughts?
Will this program enhance my relationship with my partner? with others?
Will I be able to use these tools right away to see a difference in my everyday life?
Where is the location of the seminar?
Will there be downtime throughout the day?
What if it rains or inclement weather?
What is the attire for these seminars?
What do you deserve?
What’s the risk?
What can I expect on the day of the event?
How Many People Will Be Part Of Each Event?
Are food and beverage included?
What materials will be provided?
Are there any special benefits?
What’s the AWElumni PEACE?
Does everyone have to participate in every activity?
Are there any incentives to refer a friend?
If we choose to stay the night,what are the accommodations?
What is the Refund policy?
How Do I Register?