Be Present. Live Mindfully.
Ashley Napoli

At AWE, we believe that living your best life starts with living a mindful life. Being present in relationships, at work, and even in the quiet moments to ourselves, can bring us that much closer to PEACE. 

Living a mindful life doesn’t necessarily mean meditating for an hour every day (although that definitely helps!) Being present in our interactions with others, in how we speak to people and how we respond to challenging situations is a practice. We won’t always get it right, but we get better at it the more we stop and think before we react. I recently read a quote that said “When it doesn’t bother you anymore like it used to, that’s peace,” and I couldn’t agree with it more. In our seminars on The Missing PEACE, we touch on Ethereal PEACE and what it means to develop self-awareness so that we can have a better understanding of who we are at our core. When we are able to notice our responses to things that get us fired up, sad, or excited, we get more aligned with ourselves. 

Alignment (noun): When our thoughts, life choices, and direction all honor our core values. Alignment is when we listen to our intuition and move through the world embodying our true selves. Alignment is function and action with ease. 

What can you do to get more present and aligned with your true self? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Spend time in nature. Turn off your phone, and just start to appreciate the sights and sounds of being outdoors. Feel the breeze on your face, touch the flower petals and unplug from the hustle for a short time. You will start to notice and appreciate the simple things that surround us everyday. 
  2. Journal. Set a timer and write down your thoughts without judgment or editing. Just write what you feel and what comes up for you. Studies show that journaling everyday has significant mental and physical health benefits and improves a person’s overall quality of life.Treat yourself to a nice journal and it might inspire you to write daily!
  3. Meditate or try some deep breathing. We all know the benefits of meditation, yet we always find a way to do something “more productive” with our time. The truth is we can be more present and productive when we give ourselves the time to sit and breathe. I recommend starting with a few minutes and adding a minute each day. This is a practice, not perfection. Consider trying the Insight Timer App for free guided meditations. We also offer brief meditations during our full day seminars so that participants can really be open to receive the gifts of the work.
  4. Read! We provide AWEsome self-help books to take home to continue the Missing PEACE work as there is so much to learn. If you’re interested in manifesting, read Ask And It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. The knowledge and insight provided in this book will guide you on your journey to your best life. 
  5. Finally, join us at one of our seminars! The core of our work is connecting people with themselves so that they can have better relationships and life outcomes. We provide Assessments, Research, and Tools (ART) to guide you along your life path, find your missing PEACE, and live a life that you love!