12 Months of AWE
Flory Hiatrides

I am very grateful to celebrate the first year of A Wakened Events.

  • 12 months of AWEsome
  • 11 blissful blogs
  • 10 ethereal definitions
  • 9 students employed
  • 8 AWE seminars
  • 7 preview sessions
  • 6 zoom sessions
  • 5 guest speakers
  • 4 social accounts
  • 3 PEACE courses
  • 2 AWE launches
  • And a website without a fee!


12 months of AWEsome. We started in January 2022 as the pandemic started winding down and people were craving in-person, unique educational experiences.

11 blissful blogs. We post blogs several times a month that focus on each of our peaces.

10 ethereal words to define our spiritual practice. We are on a continuum of spiritual enlightenment to align our vibration with metaphysical principles allowing us to stay in our vortex by using mantras and meditations in order to manifest our destiny.

9 students employed. We’ve partnered with several companies and assisted students in finding internships, fellowships and other full time positions. Our network has grown and we feel so fortunate to be able to give back to so many people.

8 AWE seminars. We’ve facilitated 2 full day Missing PEACE seminars in June, July, September and October and so much more to come in the new year!

7 preview sessions. We’ve had mini-seminar sessions which provide an overview of our programs, at the homes of our AWElumni, wineries and fraternities.

6 zoom sessions. We have follow-up virtual sessions after the seminars to reconnect the attendees and share daily impacts of the tools.

5 guest speakers. Each seminar concludes with presentations from talented professionals including CBD experts, clinical psychologists, corporate executives and magicians.

4 social accounts. We are active on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat.

3 PEACE courses.

Level I:  The Missing PEACE.

Be introduced to tools in each of the peaces of your life including picture perfect health, love languages, SMART goals, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and the Vortex.

Level II: The Center PEACE

Create a Success Database of best practices. Learn about yoga + healing modalities, the feedback loop and vibrational techniques for alignment combined with enhanced content on SMART goals and MBTI in the workplace and relationships.

Level III: The Master PEACE.

Continue to build your success database and like-minded community. Learn about sound bowl therapy, advanced communication methods and metaphysics, while continuing to set SMART goals and apply MBTI to leadership, stress, time management, and team building.

2 AWE launches. We had an in-person launch with more than 120 attendees on May 1, 2022 and a virtual launch in mid-May with over 150 participants.

AND… a website without a fee.

Visit our website and stay tuned for membership options coming in 2023! Sign up for our newsletter that includes a weekly email with all AWE offerings.