A Sneak Peek Into PEACE
Joanna Falisi and Peter Karejwa

The Missing PEACE Preview is an abbreviated version of the traditional full-day seminar, hosted by key partners including Aquila’s Nest Vineyard and AWElumni.

This past week, AWE hosted two preview sessions, both complementary and filled with great food, wine, company and most importantly,  life-changing lessons.

AWE Ambassador, Peter K., interviewed a few attendees, Bella and Peter D., after a recent Preview to gain insight on their impressions and impacts. Here is what they had to say about the event.

Peter K: What is one tool you learned today that you are eager to use in your personal life?

Bella: “I’m very eager to start utilizing SMART goals. We often say we have dreams but don’t actually give them a time frame or pinpoint the steps we must take to accomplish those goals.”

Peter D: “I would definitely say manifestation and meditation. I’ve always tried to stay calm and really imagine the dreams I have to bring them into reality, and I think the tools we learned today can definitely help me do that.”

Peter: Based on this preview, would you be interested in attending a full-day AWE seminar?

Bella: “100%! I’m very curious, and I think there is so much more to dig into and learn!

Peter: “Definitely! I would like to attend more than one to really continue working on what we discussed today.”

Q. Would you recommend friends and family members to AWE?

Bella & Peter: “Absolutely. These tools are applicable to everyone. We all strive to discover more about ourselves and learn how to interact with others so we can lead happier and more meaningful lives.”

AWE is committed to providing an invaluable service that benefits all. If you are interested in attending one of our upcoming Preview sessions or one-day seminars, please email Flory at flory@a-wakened-events.