Change Your Thoughts…Change Your Life.
Joe Scrofani and Peter Karejwa

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. We are all simultaneously students and teachers. When our hearts are open and minds are ready for something new, we find our perspective shifting and awareness growing - unlike anything before.

Let me introduce you to Joe.

Joe is an exceptional entrepreneur, experienced fisherman, boatsman and mechanic. He’s a dedicated father, husband, son, friend and brother. Joe has also endured several physical challenges throughout his life including cancer and kidney failure, and he’s currently on dialysis. Although he is limited by his health challenges, his ability to help others is limitless.

Joe was well enough to attend The Missing PEACE Program on October 15th, where he spoke fondly of the day and how it has transformed his life.

Peter: Hi Joe! If you were to describe the AWE Seminar in one word, what would it be and why?

Joe: Eye-opening. It has taught me to look at things differently, notice things I hadn’t before and really reflect on myself, past experiences and those around me.

Peter: How has your perspective shifted since the seminar?

Joe: Pauline and Flory emphasized the importance of finding one’s “vortex,” a natural flow state where things feel easy and right. Those are the tools I’ve begun to implement in my life already.

Peter: Could you share a little bit about your work with Pauline (our guest speaker/healer) and how she helped you?

Joe: As she came around with the sound bowls, I closed my eyes and envisioned a planet with craters and creatures. After a few minutes, the creatures were being eaten until finally the planet was fully smooth. At that point, I felt a sense of release like there was nothing bothering me anymore.

Peter: Wow, that’s beautiful. And finally, what are some skills or tools that you learned in the AWE seminar that have helped you on your journey?

Joe: Learning how to stay in the center of my vortex! I’ve decided to cut out watching the news, and instead listen to yoga music to clear my head and not worry so much. I have already begun to notice the effects. I no longer have panic attacks or unbearable anxiety and I’m even sleeping better!

Peter: I’m very happy for you!

And finally, I know you and Josie sponsored Chris, an Iona student. How has that been?

Joe: It has been wonderful! We got here on Friday, as the seminar group was getting back from their boat ride. I was just sitting out here on the deck, taking in the fresh lake air. Chris was the first one to walk up to me and introduce himself. I figured he must have known I was his sponsor, but to my surprise, he had no idea.  And that made me feel so good that he had no idea who I was. His personality and positive attitude were infectious. To help this man take this course was really really great for us and we totally appreciated that part of the experience as well.

Peter: What a great story! Thank you so much, Joe.

Joe: Thank you, Peter!

I also had the privilege of meeting and interviewing Joe’s wife, Josie, who summarized their impacts and impressions of the day so beautifully!

Peter: Josie, what are some changes you’ve noticed in Joe since attending the seminar?

Josie: Joe had just begun some medical treatments, so he was tired a lot and was feeling negative about his situation. Over the last two weeks, he is much more energized, alert, and positive. He is not as anxious as he was before, and he is now reengaging in life. It has been amazing to witness. We go out more often, he goes fishing, and even went to the casino with a friend. There really has been a huge shift in his mindset and outlook on life….in such a short period of time. Thank you for the opportunity!