Does It Get Better Than This?
Flory Hiatrides + Ashley Napoli

Imagine 100 of your favorite friends, family and AWEsome like-minded community all together in one place while enjoying great food, wine, speciality cocktails, music, magic, boat rides, mingling, and AWAKENing to their Missing PEACE.

Imagine it all comes true? Well, on May 1st, I realized my lifelong dream by launching A Wakened Events, a vehicle to enlighten others so that they can create their masterPEACE life.

It all came together as I revealed The Missing PEACE program and the ART of teaching. I gave participants brief Assessments on each piece of the program as they embark on this journey toward awakening. I shared the Research that will support their growth in these essential areas and provided the Tools they can use to make immediate changes in their life! Learning about these tools will help you create a life with more awareness and ease; more pull and less push, receiving all that is yours.

Here's a peek:

Tool 1: A workout application to optimize physical health and ACT out a healthy lifestyle through Adjustments, Consistency, and Tracking.

Tool 2: A  love languages quiz to understand emotional health and relationships 

Tool 3: A SMART goal setting exercise to dream big and manifest one’s deepest desires

Tool 4: A preference assessment to understand how we communicate and interact with others

Tool 5: Practices and processes to raise our vibration in order to manifest anything and everything that we want!

What our guests are saying:

“This is just amazing.....touching lives and providing space for spiritual growth. This is the work that really counts.” 

“Flory, You are the light. I believe, for those of us who block our blessings, we need to WAKE up! You share your abundance with arms outstretched …. Your kindness knows no bounds.”

“From the bottom of my heart thank you! I am learning that as great as my life has been there’s so much more to look forward to!”

As the last boat sailed into the dock, surrounded by people who were in AWE of the teachings and as many signed up for a seminar, I asked myself, does it get any better than this?