Your Personality Creates Your Personal Reality
Joanna Falisi + Ashley Napoli

Dr. Joe Dispenza, neuroscientist and meditative healer, holds a Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine with post-graduate training in mind-body medicine and brain-heart coherence. As a researcher, author, lecturer and consultant, his work lies in the “demystification of the mystical”. Dr. Joe believes that as a species, humans can be freed from the chains of their own limitations by healing as a collective group of unified minds and hearts. He speaks of a “collective consciousness” in which humans can transcend the physical or natural world and manifest their personal dreams through positive thinking. Transforming the way we think and feel is critical to changing ourselves and making our dreams a reality. His mindfulness and meditative practices focus on the healing powers of a centered mind, which have proven successful in eradicating physical pain and disease. Once we step beyond our personal limits and restraints, we open ourselves to a world of new potential. Dr. Dispenza offers five simple steps to achieve a healthy and peaceful mind.

1-Disconnect from the world.

This means putting your devices away, turning the TV off and removing all external distractions that push you further away from your own sense of self.  At AWE, we call this staying in your vortex. Breathe and center oneself. Become actively aware of drifting thoughts. Be in the present moment. This is where you are most creative and free.

2-Create your future self.

The brain develops new sequences, patterns and combinations each time you imagine a future you desire.

3-Decide the emotions you want to feel in your future.

Rehearse in your mind who you are going to be, the choices you are going to make and the steps you’ll take to get there.

4-Relinquish yourself from the past.

You can’t go into the future holding onto the biology of the past.


which thoughts and actions you need to let go of and the emotions you know longer wish to possess.

At AWE, Flory’s twenty plus years of experience in manifestation and metaphysics includes a deep dive into Dispenza’s work. His book Becoming Supernatural was very influential in creating A Wakened Events. Our Ethereal PEACE of the curriculum uses tools and practices that will help you experience a more mystical life. Guest speakers and meditation guides at our full day seminars allow us to access our higher selves so that we can transform and transcend habits and ways that no longer serve our highest purpose. We will go even further into this work in the next two phases of our AWE journey. Stay tuned for The Center PEACE and The Master PEACE coming soon!

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