Build the Cathedral
Joanna Falisi

As a senior at Iona, entrepreneur and intern at AWE, my days can get busy and overwhelming. Occasionally, even the innocent question, “what do you want to do after graduation?” can send me (and most other seniors I know) into a downward spiral of worries, negative thoughts and existential life questioning. As I reflect on my partnership with Flory and AWE over the last year and after the most recent two full-day seminars, I would like to share my top three takeaways that have transformed my life, and have put my thoughts and goals into greater perspective.

  1. Envision a future dream. Find deeper meaning in day to day activities. Be the worker who is building a cathedral not just breaking rocks or earning a living. Know your value. 
  1. Practice self-awareness. Emotional intelligence is the key to success. Recognize how your (and others’) attitude, personal struggles, and mental state are manifesting themselves into your words and actions. 
  1. Find your vortex. Strive to feel “in the zone” every day. Surround yourself with people and activities that inspire you and make you happy.

A full-day seminar at Flory’s is not only a beautiful and tranquil lake retreat, but one step closer towards attaining a happier and more fulfilling life. Speaking as a participant and intern for the company, AWE shines light on the ways in which to improve so as to not let the distractions of life take away from the beauty it holds. This past weekend, A Wakened Events hosted two seminars on Saturday and Sunday. Participants described the seminar as life-changing, inspirational, transformational and knowledge-packed.  We celebrate our participants who are now AWElumni.