Flory’s Story
Ashley Napoli

First Peace: Get Re”AWE”quainted with our Founder and CMO (Chief Manifesting Officer), Flory Hiatrides. 

Flory has been in business for 40+ years. She started her entrepreneurial journey at 18 when she created computer camps for kids and parents at Iona University. She was on the cutting edge of teaching technology in its early stages and it only grew from there. She went on to create Executive Education Institute (EEI), where she coached and trained business professionals on leadership, relationships and sales. When she sold this company she had many other endeavors, but her work was mainly focused on holistic wellness and the ethereal realm. 

Learning about the power of manifestation and doing the deep work on her personal journey, Flory has explored many healing modalities. She has experienced the intrinsic benefits both physically and emotionally and has learned how to stay in her vortex, creating a much more abundant life. 

Now, Flory creates holistic experiences for her company, A Wakened Events, in which she teaches others how to find PEACE (Physical, Emotional, Aspirational, Cerebral and Ethereal) in all areas of their lives. She is truly living her life’s purpose and wants you to find yours too! 

So now that you know about her professional background and journey up to the present day, here are some fun facts about her that you may not have known…

  1. Started 3 companies
  2. Has 3 children
  3. Did in-vitro to have twins 
  4. Has a photographic memory
  5. Learned piano
  6. Expert water skier
  7. Won racquetball championships
  8. Earned 4.0 in college and MBA
  9. Has 2 dogs
  10. Just got married to her Missing PEACE, Bobby
  11. Eldest daughter graduated Villanova in 3 years
  12. Her 18 year old twins are going to Miami University this Fall 
  13. Her mom is 99 years old
  14. She is of German and Italian ethnicity
  15. Just did her first standup comedy routine
  16. Went to Taylor Swift Era tour (Check out #Taylor Tuesdays on our IG)
  17. Going to see Taylor Swift a second time in London in 2024

This is just the first PEACE of her story. Stay tuned for more!