AWE Introduces: Taylor Tuesdays
Flory Hiatrides + Ashley Napoli

After an epic AWE inspiring trip to the Taylor Swift Eras Concert with her daughter Jamie, Flory was even more inspired!

To witness tens of thousands of fans experiencing every emotion while being extraordinarily uplifted for more than three hours is something to be in AWE over. Taylor Swift is definitely in AWE.

The feeling that Taylor brings to her fans is parallel to what we create for our AWE community when they participate in a seminar. When they leave the seminar, they are not the same as when they walked in. This change brings more AWE into their lives so that they could start living in alignment and manifesting their desires.

Taylor Swift is a force in the world and we are in AWE of her brilliance and ability to move millions! And with that, we are excited to start a new series that is aligned with our philosophy on our instagram account.

GET READY for ‘Taylor Tuesdays’ and see how we can all have a more elevated life through her “Living Lyrics.” 

Today, we listen to the advice of Taylor’s grandmother in her song Marjorie. 

“Never be so kind, you forget to be clever…

Never be so clever, you forget to be kind.”

Her grandmother was reminding her to always use her talents while never forgetting to be compassionate. When in AWE, we learn about our preferences using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  This advice can be related to your preference. When you are being clever (Thinking Type), you want to ensure that you balance it with being kind (Feeling Type). 

Want to know more about your type in order to live a more aligned life… a life of LIVING LYRICS!