What CAPE do you wear?
Ashley Napoli

At A Wakened Events (AWE), we support you on your journey to find the AWE in your life….after all, AWE is the foundation for all joy and happiness. Our logo also exemplifies this as AWE is right in the middle. Your awesomeness will shine if you’re doing the right things, wearing the right cape, so to speak.

As many researchers, teachers and healers tell us, when you discover who you truly are, you become supernatural and have control of your superpowers. Your innate and learned talents will lead you to AWE.

So what are your capabilities? Or should we say CAPE Abilities?

What makes you extraordinary?

Are you a great listener, teacher, writer, film maker, musician, artist, accountant, mother, father, friend? The list goes on…

Once you tap into the power that is yours, everything you do will be supernatural and you’ll be wearing a CAPE at all times, with all people, everywhere you go.

You become magnetic to the things that are meant for you.

At A Wakened Events we will guide you through The Missing PEACE program that was specifically designed to help you discover your CAPE Abilities. Assessing your satisfaction in different areas of your life, learning about your 4-letter personality type, and writing down goals that are SMART, will allow you to access your CAPE Abilities, honoring what is already inside of you. We hope to see you at one of our seminars soon.