ENFJ: FLORY's Personality Type
Ashley Napoli

“You bring who you are to everything you do” -FLORY.

This could not be more true of A Wakened Events founder, FLORY. She lives her truth and brings her AWEthentic self to her everyday interactions as well as her passion projects.

The Cerebral PEACE of The Missing PEACE curriculum is based on MBTI, or personality types. FLORY is an ENFJ, part teacher and part executive. She is able to see the potential in others, enlighten them and therefore transform lives from ordinary to extraordinary. As a certified MBTI coach, she is extremely well versed in all the personality types and has worked with each and every type in some capacity. She can probably identify your type in just a few conversations with you.

Here is why the teacher who dreamed up A Wakened Events is ready and excited to work with YOU!

As an Extrovert, her energy is contagious and she will energize you in the best way possible. She is action oriented and will give you the tools you need to take action in your own life.

As an Intuitive person, FLORY will help you tap into your deepest knowing, helping you to seek new ideas and possibilities, just as she does in her own endeavors.

She is a Feeler. She is passionate, driven by emotion, empathetic and warm. These are traits of some of the best teachers. Flory will listen to you and encourage you on your path. She takes a genuine interest in you as a person and can guide you from her heart.

Finally, FLORY uses her Judging trait to effectively organize and plan. This trait allows her to set lofty goals that bring her work to the next level. She is always improving her craft as a teacher, mentor and coach, which is how A Wakened Events is changing lives.

For Flory, as well as for anyone else, each individual trait (letter) has meaning, but the real story and magic are revealed in your 4-letter type. FLORY, an ENFJ, has created a company and program that reflects her desire to be a catalyst for development and transformation through exceptional education and unique experience.

You can learn more about MBTI as part of The Missing PEACE curriculum at the full day experience. Reserve Your Spot HERE.