The Physical PEACE: Five Hacks For a More Energized Life
Joanna Falisi + Ashley Napoli

Maintaining a balanced diet, staying active and improving our metabolic health are all key ways to mastering physical peace. In this blog, learn about five easy hacks that will help you achieve optimal physical health in order to feel more energized and happy throughout the day.

What Exactly is Metabolic Health?

It refers to our body’s ability to process energy properly and switch between fat and glucose for energy.

What are the Benefits of Good Metabolic Health?

Balanced, healthy skin quality, increased fertility, better sleep, more energy, and stabilized glucose levels so that you’re not craving food or sweets when you’re not actually hungry.

What are Glucose and Insulin and Why Can Too Much Be Harmful?

These are the body's primary energy source which are found in foods with starch and sugar. Insulin takes glucose from the bloodstream and allows it to enter the organs. The bigger the glucose spike, the hungrier you get sooner. During glucose spikes, hormonal imbalances occur and more insulin is released. Insulin prevents the transformation of male hormones to female hormones. The goal is to flatten glucose spikes. Here are 5 simple hacks.


1-Add Apple Cider Vinegar

Drink water infused with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before a meal. The properties of vinegar actually reduce glucose and insulin uptake by 40% and allow you to burn more fat.

2-Eat Your Food in Order

Start your meal with complex carbs (vegetables), then move to proteins & fats, and end with simple carbs. This can actually decrease a glucose spike by 45% and slow the digestion of carbs.

3-Get Moving

If you eat dessert right after a meal, get your body moving whether you go for a walk, fold laundry or dance. When you move your body your muscles soak up the glucose you just ate!

4-Have a savory breakfast rather than a sweet one and avoid coffee on an empty stomach. “Not only does a sweet breakfast lead to less circulating energy, but the glucose rollercoaster can also make us tired, hungry, and increase our cravings” - Jessie Inchauspé. Check out her guide for the ideal breakfast here.

5-Eat fruits whole.

Avoid juicing as this removes all of the fiber from fruits and leaves it with just sugar which will cause a big glucose spike.

Achieving physical peace is crucial to overall well-being and happiness. At A Wakened Events, we take the whole person into account and our physical health is at the root of feeling well. ..When our body feels good, so does our mind and spirit. When we feel physically healthy, we are not only happier, but we have more energy to do the things we love. We gain clarity around our goals and the steps we need to take to achieve them!

Interested in learning more about glucose and metabolic health? Check out @glucosegoddess on IG and her new book Glucose Revolution.