Step Into Your PEACE with a preVIEW
Matthew Manza and Flory Hiatrides

Flory Hiatrides, Chief Manifesting Officer (CMO) of A Wakened Events (AWE) gives those longing for PEACE in their lives a chance to experience an abbreviated version of a full-day seminar in just a couple of hours. With food, wine, life-lessons, and new connections all around, previews are a great way to step in the right direction toward obtaining PEACE in your life.

Although the preview provides an overview, there is ample content to help you take control and make the changes that you want to see in your life. Learning how to find PEACE starts with the Physical, Emotional, Aspirational, Cerebral, and Ethereal aspects of your life. Through previews, you learn how to connect to your real-life scenarios in a relaxed, interactive setting.

Flory keeps her audience engaged and inspired, all while teaching mindfulness, the art of manifesting your goals, and the importance of establishing authentic relationships.

The preVIEW is a VIEW into the full-day offerings at AWE, starting with The Missing PEACE. Self-alignment workbooks, raffles and great memories are only a handful of reasons people are in AWE of Flory’s seminars. Another great aspect of previews are the powerful guest speakers. Along with CMO Flory, the notable guest speakers deliver motivational and insightful talks on ways they have connected AWE content to their careers and personal lives, providing useful tools and techniques for everyday implementation.

You too can host a Preview. Invite some friends and provide the refreshments. We bring the materials, raffles and wine. The host receives a complimentary seminar and all participants receive a discount to a future seminar. Nothing to lose. Everything to gain.To attend a one-day event, sign up here. To host a preview, contact Flory at