My Italy Experience: The Delicious PEACE
Matthew Manza

Being a student at Iona University has recently given me the amazing opportunity to travel to Rome and Milan as part of a study abroad course, which has allowed me to open my eyes to new cultures, experiences, and business practices. While business is important, Italians value quality time with their family and friends just as much as they value their business activities.

Through seminars, previews and other AWE events, Flory provides you with skills on how to build and sustain your happiness, which is crucial to your overall PEACE. Duringmy time abroad, I was able to interact with multiple businesses and different people whomodel exactly what Flory educates. Taking time out of your work life to ensure that your personal well being is a priority is a staple in Italian culture. During their day, if Italians find that sales are slow or that they want to spend quality time with their families, they’ll put their personal lives first and close up shop.

Another topic Flory talks about is eating what’s right for you while keeping a positive mindset about what you’re consuming, which is also reflected in the Italian mindset. But I must say, some of the food is mind blowing. For about 20 years, Italy has been completely GMO free, the process of genetically modifying animals and crops to selectively breed and achieve desired traits. Clean eating and well-balanced diets are important to meals in Italy, despite preconceived ideas that people may have about the proclaimed “food capital” of the world.

I’ve had amazing meals while abroad, including a variety of vegetable pizzas, delicious cuts of beef with fresh parmesan, mouth-watering charcuterie boards, and too many cappuccinos to count. However, through those amazing meals, you never got that too-full or tired feeling after eating. From their health-conscious ways of preparing food, theirmeals are fresh and contain such pure ingredients which make the meals so delectable.

On my journey, I was able to see how the AWE curriculum plays out in others’ lives besides my own and witness the positivity it brings everyone. With your personal life as a priority, work falls into place for Italians, ensuring peace and happiness. I feel like I witnessed first hand how an entire country assess each peace of their lives, and it was not only fascinating, but a testament to how AWE can change your life for the better.