Become An AWElumni
Ashley Napoli

Building community and relationships is at the core of what we create at A Wakened Events (AWE). Once you experience the one-day program, you become an AWElumni. This community will be filled with like-minded people who will guide and support you while on the path to mastering your PEACE. 

As an AWElumni, you will like what you “C”. It is an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals for collaboration, coaching, content, creativity, and common ground. It is a place where you foster a sense of belonging and validation. Our valued members bring their challenges, questions, and concerns as well as their personal life experience to help one another find the missing PEACE. 

In addition to all of the tools and resources you will gain from the seminars, consider how YOU can contribute and/or collect in one of the areas of The Missing PEACE.

Physical - Can you offer a fitness routine or healthy eating habit that has worked for you? Or are you in need of the motivation of someone who lives a healthy lifestyle to coach you as you begin your health journey? Think of our community as accountability partners to keep you going!

Emotional - How do you navigate arguments with your loved ones? Are you looking for ways to cultivate deeper relationships in your life? Stories shared by our members during the seminars will help you master communicating with your loved ones.

Aspirational -  What steps can you offer the community when they are sidetracked on reaching a goal on time and need some strategies to regroup? Get advice from members who have set and achieved big and small goals and tap into what has made them successful.

Cerebral - Get a chance to connect with those whose personality types are just like yours and learn how to make your strengths stand out among those whose personality type is different from yours. Get clear about how you can solve problems with more ease both personally and professionally.

Ethereal - We have members in our community who can offer you years of experience in practicing meditation and mindfulness and have manifested a life they could only dream of. In what area have you mastered peace? Maybe you have learned to release control in a certain area of your life and can offer your story to others! 

It is the members you connect with and learn from that make your AWE experience so special.Your experience doesn’t end at the close of the seminar; it is where the journey just BEGINS! As you learn more about yourself and do the work of enhancing your life, you will have a community to reflect with and check in with. Our diverse group of members will set you up for a PEACEfull life. At AWE, you are in good company. We believe gathering with others is the best way to learn, grow, get inspired, and feel connected.