Welcome To The AWEbit
Ashley Napoli

Welcome to The AWEbit. We’re so glad you’re here. This is the place where AWE happens. AWE is the place where your dreams come true and you can manifest everything you desire.

It is no coincidence that you landed here. This is the next right step on your journey through this wild and messy life. AWE is a place to think, dream, plan, do, invent, and innovate. It is our ultimate goal to help you find your purpose, be fulfilled by what you do, and discover joy in your life every.single.day.

The AWEbit is YOUR destination for things that need more attention and matter most in life. You will be empowered with a renewed sense of energy, achieve greater awareness, and ultimately learn meaningful ways to Master Your P E A C E. Discover articles, stories, testimonials, and inspirational posts to WAKEN you with tools and resources to be an all-around healthy person in touch with your Physical, Emotional, Aspirational, Cerebral,+ Ethereal. When you give yourself the time and space to focus on these areas, everything can fall into place.

A bit of AWE is all you need to get started. You start one bit at a time. It starts with YOU.

AWE·bit - noun 

  1. the orbit of purposeful people aligned with their vortex and swirling vibration.
  2. the place from where you want to take action

The AWEbit is the realm where you can manifest all your soul’s deepest desires; where the things that have been on your heart and mind can come to light.

This AWEbit  is the place where you will waken to become consciously aware and present in the moments, knowing that peace, bliss, love, and gratitude are readily available to you.

The AWEbit is your space to think. It’s educational, enlightening, exciting, insightful, intriguing, and motivating! You will achieve an expanded sense of perspective on your life, an increased sense of connection to others, and a renewed sense of purpose.

You get in the AWEbit when you’re feeling great, when you arouse your authentic self, and when all your light bulbs are turned on. This is the energy that whatever you touch turns to gold.

IT’S TIME to enter the AWEbit to get intentional about your desires and shift your mindset to bring about transformation in your everyday life. We are committed to help you achieve what matters most to you. While AWE is most commonly thought of in terms of a response to natural wonders (think mountains, waterfalls, and canyons), you don’t have to travel far to experience it. In fact, you can induce feelings of AWE quickly and easily and reap its psychosocial benefits without putting on hiking shoes or purchasing plane tickets when you make the decision to attend the next A Wakened Events awe-inspiring experience with Flory. You will learn new tools and techniques to have a better understanding of yourself and others. This is just the beginning of your beautiful new journey!